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Middle East Crisis: Hostage Talks Set for Paris on Friday

U.S. Examined Allegations of Cartel Ties to Allies of Mexico’s President

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico was being investigated by American officials over potential ties to drug cartels.

Navalny’s Mother Blasts Russia Over Son’s Remains as Putin Rides Nuclear-Capable Bomber

Lyudmila Navalnaya, the mother of late Russian opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny, and his lawyer, Alexei Tsvetkov, shown on Monday walking out of an office of the Investigative Committee’s regional department in the city of Salekhard, Russia.

As Gaza Death Toll Nears 30,000, Israel’s Isolation Grows

An escorted tour this month took journalists through an access point made by the Israeli military into a tunnel said to have been built by Hamas in Gaza.

Leaked Files Show the Secret World of China’s Hackers for Hire

The I-Soon office building in Chengdu, China, on Tuesday.

Bosnian Feuding Hobbles Gas Pipeline to Cut Russian Supplies and Influence

A worker making checks at a gas facility in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, this month.

Delegation Led by Mike Gallagher Says U.S. Support for Taiwan Is Firm

Representative Mike Gallagher, Republican of Wisconsin, with Taiwan’s president-elect, Lai Ching-te, at the presidential palace in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, on Thursday.

U.S. Warns Allies Russia Could Put a Nuclear Weapon Into Orbit This Year

A photo released by the Russian state media showing President Vladimir V. Putin meeting with his defense minister, Sergei K. Shoigu, at the Kremlin on Tuesday.

A Russian Military Blogger Dies After Criticizing Army Losses

Ukrainian soldiers from the 71st Jaeger Brigade firing a howitzer last week at Russian targets in the direction of Avdiivka, Ukraine.

Russian Forces Press On With Attacks in Southern Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers fire at Russian targets in the direction of Avdiivka, this month. The weekend assaults around Robotyne came as Russian forces took the frontline city of Avdiivka, about 100 miles to the east.

An Election Shatters the Image of Pakistan’s Mightiest Force

Supporters of former Prime Minister Imran Khan at a protest in Karachi, Pakistan, on Saturday. The country’s military is accused of rigging vote counts in this month’s election.

Jim Ratcliffe Bought a Chunk of Manchester United. Now He Has to Fix It.

Jim Ratcliffe outside Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium last year, months before he struck a deal to buy a piece of the club.

Eiffel Tower Closed by Strike for 4th Day

Workers hold a banner that reads “Eiffel Tower employees on strike,” at the Paris monument on Thursday.

What a Tel Aviv Plaza Means to Hostage Families and Supporters

A model tunnel in a square outside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art on Saturday has been built to simulate situations described by some hostages taken on Oct. 7.

Canadian Court Rules That Killings of Four Muslims Was Terrorism

Tabinda Bukhari, a member of the Afzaal family, speaking to reporters on Thursday in London, Ontario. Her daughter, Madiha Salman, was one of four victims of a truck attack that a judge on Thursday determined was an act of terrorism.

As China Expands Its Hacking Operations, a Vulnerability Emerges

U.S. officials say that a network of contractors used by China for computer infiltration campaigns is weakened by economic problems and rampant corruption in the country.

Friday Briefing: Two Years of War in Ukraine

As U.S. lawmakers spar over sending more aid, Ukraine is fighting to hold Russia at bay.

Biden Called Putin a ‘Crazy S.O.B.’ The Kremlin Called Biden a ‘Cowboy.’

President Biden has been openly critical of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, particularly since his invasion of Ukraine in 2022.

2 Years Into Russia-Ukraine War, U.S. Campaign to Isolate Putin Shows Limits

Ukrainian soldiers in the Donetsk region. The war has wrecked Russia’s standing with much of Europe, but the country is not as isolated as U.S. officials had hoped.

Navalny and the Mirage of a Different Russia

Aleksei Navalny speaking with his staff outside his headquarters in Moscow in 2013.

China’s Hacker Network: What to Know About the I-Soon Document Leak

I-Soon, a security firm that is part of a network of spies for hire working closely with Beijing, targeted telecommunications firms, online gambling companies and local governments throughout Asia.

San Diego Zoo Could Be First in U.S. to Get Pandas From China Again

Pandas playing inside their enclosure at a zoo in China’s southwestern Chongqing municipality.

1974: 5 More Miners Hurt in South Africa Riots

Palestinian Gunmen Kill at Least 1 in West Bank Shooting

Israeli security forces at the scene of a shooting in the West Bank on Thursday.

Ship Crashes Into Bridge in China, Killing 5

A container ship at the damaged Lixinsha Bridge in Guangzhou in a still from a social media video.

New Freighters Could Ease Red Sea Cargo Disruptions

Ships under construction in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Some analysts expect a robust supply of new ships to push down shipping rates this year.

Thursday Briefing

A photo released by the Russian state media showing President Vladimir V. Putin meeting with his defense minister, Sergei K. Shoigu, at the Kremlin on Tuesday.

U.S. Defends Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank at Top U.N. Court

Richard C. Visek, right, a U.S. State Department official, defended Israel during a hearing at the International Court of Justice in The Hague on Wednesday.

Israeli Rape-Crisis Group Report Finds ‘Systematic’ Sexual Violence On and After Oct. 7

A camping area at the site of a music festival in southern Israel that was attacked by Hamas militants on Oct. 7.

Bowing to Fan Revolt, German Soccer Rejects $1 Billion Investment

Dortmund fans brought banners to the fight against a proposed private-equity investment in Germany’s top league.

Thursday Briefing: U.S. Warnings About a Russian Space Weapon

In Brazil, Blinken intervenes in a dispute with Israel.

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, left, and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil met on Wednesday.

Blinken Meets With Brazil’s President Over Israel

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, left, and President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva of Brazil met on Wednesday.

U.K.’s Trident Nuclear Missile Fails Another Test, Fueling Scrutiny

The Royal Navy aircraft carrier the H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth approaching a naval base in Portsmouth, England.

Silicon Valley Venture Capitalists Are Breaking Up With China

China’s Rush to Dominate A.I. Comes With a Twist: It Depends on U.S. Technology

Gazans Ambush Aid Convoys Amid Food Shortages

Palestinians carrying bags of flour near an aid truck in Gaza City on Monday.

Syria Blames Israel for Deadly Airstrike on Damascus

A residential building in the Kafr Sousa district of Damascus, Syria, that was reportedly hit by an Israeli airstrike on Wednesday.

Ameen Sayani, Pioneering Radio Star in India, Dies at 91

Ameen Sayani at his recording studio in Mumbai, India, in 2014.

A Missing Highland Games Trophy Will Be Awarded Again After 95 Years

Israeli Raid in West Bank Kills 3 in Jenin, Military Says

A room damaged during an overnight Israeli raid in the city of Jenin, in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, on Wednesday.

As Latin America’s Prison Population Explodes, Gangs Seize Control

Gang members at a prison in El Salvador. Over the last two decades, prisons have become recruitment centers for Latin America’s cartels and gangs, experts say, strengthening their grip on society.

Wednesday Briefing

Ukrainian soldiers firing a howitzer at Russian targets near Avdiivka, Ukraine, last week.

Why a Small Island Has Been Fighting to Reclaim .nu on the Web

A village on Niue, a South Pacific island of about 100 square miles, roughly the same area as Lincoln, Neb.

Small Businesses Sound Alarm Over Weakening German Economy

At 70, This Instagram Influencer Shows That It’s Never Too Late

Lyn Slater, 70, a style influencer, recounts her triumphs, transformations and troubles in her book, “How to Be Old: Lessons in Living Boldly From the Accidental Icon,” to be published in March.

U.S. Vetoes U.N. Call for Gaza Cease-Fire

The U.N. Security Council voting on a cease-fire resolution for the Israel-Hamas war, on Tuesday.

Wednesday Briefing: Hundreds of Ukrainian Soldiers Are Missing

Ukrainian soldiers from the 71st Jaeger Brigade firing a howitzer last week at Russian targets in the direction of Avdiivka, Ukraine, this month.

Russian Pilot Who Defected to Ukraine Is Believed Dead in Spain

Maksim Kuzminov, a Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine, speaking in Kyiv in September, after he landed a Russian military helicopter in Poltova, Ukraine the previous month.

Protesting Polish Farmers Block Much of Ukraine’s Western Border

Polish farmers blocking the Dorohusk Polish-Ukrainian border crossing on Tuesday.

Israel Orders New Evacuations in Northern Gaza as U.N. Suspends Food Deliveries

The World Food Program said that an convoy on Monday “faced complete chaos and violence due to the collapse of civil order,” with several trucks looted and a driver being beaten.

What’s Causing Cape Town to Smell? A Ship Full of Cows.

Cape Town in 2021. The livestock carrier that was the source of this week’s foul odor in the city was expected to leave by Wednesday.

Why Women Outnumber Men in South Korea’s Sports Stadiums

A woman among cheering fans at a game of the Korean Basketball League in Goyang, South Korea, in October. South Korean women generally outnumber men at sports events.

Israeli Military Releases Videos It Says Show Bibas Family Members in Captivity on Oct. 7

The path where the Bibas family was kidnapped on Oct. 7 in Kibbutz Nir Oz, Israel.

Genetic Signature of Down Syndrome Found in Ancient Bones

Yulia Navalnaya’s X Account Restored After Brief Suspension

Yulia Navalnaya in Brussels, on Monday.

Prince William Calls for End to Gaza Fighting ‘as Soon as Possible’

Britain’s Prince William visiting the British Red Cross at its headquarters in London on Tuesday.

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